Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TCEA - Day 2

What did you attend and what did you learn?

I attended the edubloggercon which is one of the miniconference ideas I based Techpalooza off of. It is an unconference conference and the schedule is built by the people who attend.

I went to some interesting sessions and even co-lead a workshop with Eddie on "How to Motivate the Unmotivated Teachers". We weren't supposed to lead it but no one else wanted to be in charge and I love taking over so we did it. The room was packed and I turned to Eddie and said, "Eddie, I think you and I should lead this topic." Eddie's response: "Let's do it!"

After lunch, I went and watched John Mein present to a group on SMART Board tools. They were really impressed not just with the tools he showed, but how easy he explained how layers work on a SMART Board. It was a brand-new multitouch board that he pointed out to me. I think he wants one. But then the board wasn't too accommodating for him. I don't think he would turn one down though if I had one. I told him I hope he wins one here.

My morning session was with Kevin Honeycutt who will be the luncheon speaker on Wednesday for our TEC-SIG meeting. At one point, he plugged his iPad into a custom guitar and played it along with someone playing drums on an iPod. Very fun!

So what did you experience today?


  1. Joel, I had a blast co-leading the discussion group. Based on some Twitter feeds from some attendees who were there I think it turned out pretty good. It was a hightlight of my day...not only sharing but hearing what others had to say on the topic.

  2. In fact, here is a summary of the "Motivating the Unmotivated Educator" edubloggercon session Joel and I spontaneously co-led on Tuesday morning:

    1) Brief discussion about why some teachers resist technology (at least new versions of it) in their classroom. This served to acknowledge and validate the situations and preceptions of the attendees.

    2) A quick transition to "Understanding why some teachers resist technology" resulted in good discussion. Top of the list included: lack of knowledge, lack of training, the nature of change, intimidation/resentment, little time to learn something new, new tech poses a threat to their well-honed "tried and true" curriculum, lack of confidence that new technology is better, etc.

    3) We discussed ideas that could help instructional technologists work with technology resistors. Lots of constructive comments were shared by many in the room that were creative and postive. Joel shared KISD's Techpalooza event and how it was positively received by all those who attended the event. I shared strategies designed to build repore and trust with teachers in order to disarm them and bring about opportunities that leads to success technology intergration. Others shared ideas to help meetings become more productive than grib sessions (two examples: relegating a short time for "sharing" at the beginning or provide a specific time or place on a wall to list them but the larger goal is more solution-focused).

    Anyway, these are some things at the top of my head. Joel, what did I miss?

  3. Edubloggercon was terrific- Besides getting up on my soapbox for a little bit, I got to collaborate on what I think will be terrific ideas for our very near future. Using video publishing to analyze/summarize novels leading to the annhialation of AR, smart cell phone drives to substitute for those that can't BYOD, and we had a terrific discussion on gaming in the classroom. Probably the most fun I had was starting a conversation about gaming in the first session with a high school teach with a SMART board who hated it and didn't want to use it, carrying that conversation over into video publishing in the 2nd session, and then showing him how easy it was over the 2 afternoon sessions. He left excited about going back and using his board. That "aha" moment made my afternoon worth it. Did you experience an "aha" moment at TCEA? What was it?