Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TCEA - Day 3 - Goodbye Kerrville Peeps!

I am so sad that most of my Kerrville peeps have left today but I feel they all learned a lot (even though they aren't sharing it on here!).

I ran into a few of them on the corner of the convention center and the path back to their vehicles. They looked tired and glazed over. This is a good thing! It means their minds are over-clocking and they are coming up with great ideas.

Here is what we have to do next guys and gals: We have to write our recommendations. We have to push forward. We need to put it in writing what we want to do and present it to the rest of the district. There have been some roadblocks but stating how we will get things done is how we start making effective change in the districts.

Other than that, I am excited to hear from you about your experiences. I wish we could have gotten together one last time before you got back to work and get buried in all that. I hope you post something here or shoot me an email about what you thought about the conference.

Thank you all for coming! I know it is hard getting away from your busy lives and work. So thank your spouses, kids, students, and principals from me for letting you get away!


  1. I had a great time I learned so much. I feel we need to catch up with other schools. I learned about the Live binders and how may resources there are out there. I enjoyed seeing all the different apps and how to use them in the classroom. I would like to see more teachers using technology in the classroom. I would like to share Kevins ideas with our school.

  2. I agree with Deandra in that we need to get Kevin Honeycutt here to speak to us all!

    I really liked the 1st 3 days so much better than the latter 3 day trips. I came back with my brain packed with really cool ideas and the beautiful thing is, they don't require any purchasing nor do they require large groups of people to do in order for them to be successful.

    My highlights were the Google Academy and the Tammy Worcester workshop on science and social studies. I would like to get some of her books. (Rumor has it Joel you have a lot of them).

  3. Rumor is wrong Bob. Those books are in ALL campus libraries!! And the resources are in the Tech Library shared drives for all campuses. Enjoy!

  4. Joel, Joel, much to do and so little time! Then there's the inclusion piece the week before...yikes...dazed, glazed not sure which but I definitely have a lot going on in my head right about now. So to touch on a few; Google Academy ROCKS! I now know about Google Docs, Google video, Google voice! Google calendar...when,oh,when can we have it in KISD! I know about Prezi and Boomerang, and yes I have a bonafide Twitter family calls me a geek for that one. I love for staff development feedback and Picasa 3 is incredible what you can do in the classroom with creating movies or collages and even YouTube! Just an fyi, I am pretty hip now on Blogs thanks to the TATN I went to on Tuesday, and Audacity isn't shabby either...and then the for our Smartboards perhaps!! Virtual books coming alive with Elmo
    s...I could continue you on but...aaahhh TCEA Conference, thank you dear Techie Director, I hope to be invited again, until then, time for a nap I do believe.

  5. Like Deandra, I liked Kevin Honeycutt very much. I should create a poster of the quoteable statements that has been filling the twittersphere this week. Top ones that still echo in my head are: "We can change education overnight -- burn all the file cabinets in every classroom." and "I want teachers and lessons to be rewind-able." And my favorite: "Don't blame tech; it's called classroom management."

    Like Bob, I liked attending the workshops before the main conference. For me, it offers more depth of learning than what short and sweet stand-alones can offer. Of course, I am not knocking the single sessions...I enjoyed several of those as well.

    Since Wednesday is mostly about Exhibit Hall (which is always a great hit and a highlight for all), one more day would have been like extra icing on a very good cake. But wait, Joel invited us to his SEC-SIG luncheon and it was indeed extra icing! Good meal, good speaker (Kevin Honeycutt), and another great example of Joel's great leadership.

    Bottom line: I was very glad to be at TCEA 2012 this year. After a long day of learning I was blessed with great evenings with top-notch KISD staff as we found great places to eat and visit. TCEA has become a necessary staple for me! If you are ever asked to go...don't hesitate!

  6. The conference exceeded my expectations, and I learned a great deal about Smartboards and iPads that I can share with our faculty. My head is spinning because of information overload. I look forward to using my new ideas in the classroom. I too feel blessed to have been able to attend the conference. Thank you!

    I really, really want a set of the Renaissance responders and plan to try for a grant to get them. They have come a long way with those and they are much easier for teachers to set up and for students to use.

    Supper Monday night altogether was fun. I think we have a great team and an awesome leader!

  7. This conference was PHENOMENAL. I’m a first timer, and had no idea how much I would get out of it. The smartboard presentations I attended were amazing! There is so much more that we can do with what we already have to empower students and increase academic growth! As you already know and I’m beginning to realize, there vast amounts of ready to go lessons on the web just waiting to be accessed.

    That’s just the smartboard—then there’s the IPAD. Again, I’m a newby—taking my first steps and loving every minute of it. By the end of the three days, the IPAD I borrowed became an extension of my hand. I can see how people get hooked and become so dependent of this device—its functions and benefits are limitless.

    On Wednesday, I attended a session called IPADS for the administrator. At the beginning we rated our knowledge from 1-5. Well since my IPAD was an extension of my hand, I was feeling confident and rated myself as a 3. I quickly realized that at least half of the participants were technology directors for districts. Boy, was I humbled!!!!! I was so overwhelmed and impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the group.

    Like others have said, thinking back to the sessions literally makes my head spin. So much information to disseminate! I am revitalized and excited! Thank you Joel for providing this opportunity!

  8. They say the third time's the charm- it couldn't be more true for my third trip to TCEA. This was without a doubt my most productive and inspiring conference. I think year one is sensory overload and lost puppy effect. Year two is "I'm getting the hang of this but why can't I get into any sessions when I show up on time?" Year three is "hey, I know you." Referencing Eddie, my "icing" this year was being able to present my SMART board games to a relatively packed room of educators on Thursday and a small "jam session" that I would attribute for getting all the kinks worked out of my presentation during Edubloggercon. The KISD posse was an awesome bonus to an already terrific trip. I look forward to putting my name in early to present next year. Looking forward to conversing with all of you more regarding your TCEA takeaways!